10th May 2021

Monday 10th May 2021
Mr M Brown, Mrs M Hosking, Mrs C Bilella, Mrs J Wheadon , Mr B Gibbs. Mr A Clements,
Mrs Julia Kennett, Ms J Biggin –Parish Councillor.

Mrs E Bendrey, -Chairman, Mrs J Bishop

The meeting agreed the Minutes to be a true representation and the Vice Chairman signed the supplied copy.

Property & Management
Nothing to report.

There has been no correspondence

Joan is looking to modernize the old boiler room to enable more storage space within the Barn building.
MC are looking at new ways of registration.
The £5 membership fee will stay for the coming year. The payment will stay whenever a person should choose to join. Action Joan.

It is with sadness that the Management Committee have to report the death of Anne Thompson who was a DFHA member for many years. There will be a celebration of her life on the 28th June between 10 am and 1pm at the Barn with refreshments, please inform the Office if you are attending. Action Christine

The Office is still awaiting reports from clubs as to whether they will restart. Until this information is in Joan cannot start the prospectus. Action Joan

Wargames are planning to hold a small event to test our buildings covid restrictions as stated by the government, to give an idea to restart other clubs. Action Andrew

Emma Anderson will be joining our Administration team on the 25th May, she is coming to update our computer systems to a more technical level.

Current Financial Situation :
Deposit £100,000
Current Account £ 34,108
Total £134,108
Our reserves increased by just over £2,000 this month, basically due to the “one off” Discretionary Restart Grant obtained this month. We should not lose sight that Joan has been working “behind the scenes” all through the pandemic crisis, and this month alone brought in over £3,500 in rent payments.

Significant Expenditure - > £500
Since the April report, apart from the normal large payments, ie wages, utilities, etc, we have spent £1,700 having the necessary radiator valves on the central heating radiators replaced, and the system fully cleaned and re-certified. Mel to update

Application for Discretionary Restart Grant
Awarded £2,802. Just keep trying any grant that appears possible – some we win! Closing Note

Gift Aid
Only 7 members have signed up for Gift Aid this year, which means we would only be able to claim back £8.75 from HMRC, which does not seem to be worth the effort involved. Closing Note

Mobile Phone Improvement, or lack of!
The claim paperwork, for the return of the £2,000 we have spent, was issued by the court on 23rd April, and the defendants have until 11th May to respond. Mel to update

Wall Repair
Last month Mel reported that we had started dialogue with a builder recommended by Joan, however Joan subsequently advised against using him, due to high cost. Mel has now approached SGC since it is their wall*, and certainly the roots of their shrubs have caused the cracks in the retaining wall.
* may be open to debate For Information

Drain Issues
James has jet-blasted the pre-school area drain and it now appears to be running again. Closing Note

Contents Insurance
Back in 2004/2005, an exercise was carried out, including all clubs/classes to generate a master list of all items which fall under the title of “contents” for the purposes of insurance.
In view of the changing circumstances at the Barn, ie far less clubs/no DFHA classes, it may be prudent to carry out the exercise again, as I am sure that our “contents” valuation is now significantly higher than is needed.
All the 2004/2005 paperwork is available, and it would be appreciated if one or more committee members would be prepared to take on this task. Whilst our insurance renewal date is the end of August, until normality returns, it will be difficult to make much progress on this task.
Anyone Prepared To Re-Visit?

Coffee mornings hoping to restart during October, and another format could be a film with coffee / tea Action Merle.
Up to date

Up and running.

11. AOB
From: Angela Hocking
Ourselves, WECA and the operator are aware of current issues but are undertaking a number of mitigations to improve the ways of usage of the E-scooter trial vehicles. Although there have been some issues there has also been a significant level of usage of the trial vehicles in recent weeks since the expansion into areas of South Gloucestershire with the vast majority using the vehicles and service in a correct way and taking up this opportunity to use a new transport mode. This new transport mode provides a number of significant benefits at a time when residents are potentially returning to employment locations and travelling to a greater extent whilst Public Transport capacity is reduced. In addition the use of this mode is a sustainable transport mode and has the potential to reduce car usage and dependency providing environmental benefits whilst also reducing congestion and the efficiency of the transport network.
The significant level of usage for the WECA region and in particular the Bristol trial zone including areas of South Gloucestershire has seen consistently some of the highest levels of usage for the operator Voi since February. This has seen week on week increases in the number of new and total users taking journeys on this transport mode and the distance covered. In some weeks this has seen the region performing as the highest level of usage for the operator in the UK and one of the most successful in Europe.
The WECA E-scooter trial is one of number of E-scooter trials currently being delivered is a Department for Transport trial to understand the E-scooter usage. The benefit of a trial is that it can help the department for Transport and Local Authorities to understand usage, user behaviour, impacts of road surfaces and any mitigations if the use of this vehicle is to increase. In addition the delivery of a trial means that the usage can be regulated in that it is controlled with specific areas of use and also if incorrect rider behaviour is detected such as twin-riding, underage riding or anti-social activity then the user can be banned.
E-scooters offer the potential for fast, clean and inexpensive travel that can also help ease the burden on transport networks and allow for social distancing. The use of E-scooters enables residents to replace short car journeys with a lower environmental footprint, with huge potential to improve air quality and reduce climate change. It also provides a socially distanced, outdoor mode of transport which is convenient, affordable and flexible travel for point-to-point journeys, or for the first or last mile to public transport.
The trial is currently taking place until late October 2021.
There are currently two models to the WECA E-scooter trial operated by Voi:
Hop on, Hop off
The Hop on, Hop off model is where residents can use the trial E-scooters for short journeys and collect the vehicles from various points within the authority trial area. These locations are indicated within the operator Voi’s app and scooters will be available at parking locations which have been arranged in collaboration with South Gloucestershire Council and include in residential areas, employment areas, near to shops such as located at cycle stands and transport interchanges such as at Metrobus stops.
It costs £0.99 to unlock the scooter and then £0.14 per minute of usage. Voi also offers 24-hour (at £5), one-week (at £10) and 30-day (at £35) subscriptions that allows users to take an unlimited number of rides at a fixed rate. The subscriptions can be purchased in the app. There are also special rates for students, NHS and emergency services personnel, and those on low incomes. There is more information about these special rates and how to apply at https://www.voiscooters.com.
Initial South Gloucestershire expansion – Wednesday 10th February – Filton, Patchway, Stoke Gifford & Bradley Stoke .Further expansion – Wednesday 24th March – Frenchay, Downend, Staple Hill, Mangotsfield, Bromley Heath, Emersons Green, Kingswood and Hanham.
Long Term Rental .
Long-term rentals offer users a practical, flexible and cost-effective alternative for riders who want to use the scooter daily as their main mode of transport. With Long Term Rental, users will be able to use the scooters across the WECA region, and not only in the cities, of Bath and Bristol. Residents can register on the below website to receive a Long Term Rental trial E-scooter and this will be delivered to their residence and will be available for a month or longer period. The rental costs £35 per month with costs reducing for a longer period of hire.
West of England E-Scooter Personal Lease | Long Term Rental | Voi UK (voiscooters.com)
The next Parish meeting will be held on 20th May in the Downend Library face to face.
CCTV in Downend there will be a 4th camera by the CO-OP supermarket.

Monday 7th June at 9.15 am at the DFHA face to face.