6th Sept 2021

Management Meeting Minutes
Monday 6th September 2021

Mrs E Bendrey- Chairman, Mrs M Hosking, Mr B Gibbs ,Mrs Julia Kennett, Mr M Brown, Mr A Clements
Ms J Biggin –Parish Councillor .Mrs E Anderson

1. Apologies.
Mrs C Bilella, Mrs J Bishop, Mrs J Wheadon

2. Minutes of the Management Meeting held Monday 5th July 2021
The meeting agreed the Minutes to be a true representation and the Chairman signed the supplied copy.

3. Matters arising from the Management Meeting

Property & Management
A new computer has been purchased for use in the office
The inventory of the Barn has been started by Andrew. Not all of the clubs have responded yet.

4. Correspondence

5. Property & Management
Joan and Zoe have returned to working normal hours.( Off Furlough hours)
Emma Anderson is now on our staff payroll.
It has been suggested that there is a CALLOUT register with names and contact numbers of Management Committee members to come and sort out problems with groups using the Barn after normal hours. Also perhaps we could employ a caretaker. Ongoing discussion within MC

6. Administration
Would the Management Committee allow printed signs in all the rooms displaying the Guest Wi-fi information.
it is not acceptable that a member of staff should be bothered at home for such details. Action Mel
Emma has started training in the office. Action Joan

There will be Barn News in December when there will be some news to share. Action Zoe
Our Volunteers have been contacted about returning and are coming back. Action Eileen

7. Financial Report
Current Financial Situation :
Deposit £100,142 Current Account £33,150 Total £133,292.

Significant Expenditure - > £500

Since the July report, apart from the normal large payments, ie wages, cleaning, utilities, etc, we have spent £1,550 on Honoraria, £750 for replacement office laptop and £550 for assorted electrical work both in the boiler cupboard and replacing the extractor fan in gents toilet Mel to update monthly

Business Rates for 2021-2022
Our rates bill for the whole of the year has reduced from £7,680 to £196.02. (Being a charity we usually get a 90% reduction, but this year there have been various other grants/support schemes) For Information

Bank Communication (End Result being an increase – what a surprise!)

I have received an e-mail from our bank HSBC, advising that:
We continually review our tariffs to make sure our products meet our customer needs and are sustainable for us in the longer term.
Electronic payments will be free with the new Charitable Bank Account. You can reduce your banking charges by using electronic payment methods such as card acceptance and online banking rather than cash, cheques and manual transactions. Ongoing discussion MC/Mel

Mobile Phone Improvement (County Court Claim for £2,000)

On 5th July 2021 warrants were issued instructing local courts to arrange bailiff visits to recover the monies agreed by the courts.
Having not received any information I have written to the Courts (copies were sent to you all) on 20th August asking for an update on the situation. No answer yet. Mel to update

Bequest (Mary Snell)

In 2019 we received a bequest from a previous Barn member, Mary Snell. This bequest totalled £54,000, and we have abortively spent £5,000 on drawings and planning/building regulations approvals, only to have both the proposed front “porch”, and the rear entry extension stopped. Last week we had a further letter from the solicitors advising that there was a further £130 to be supplied to us under the terms of the bequest.
Closing Note.

8. Social & Fund Raising
There will be a Christmas Market on Saturday 13th November 2021 11 to 3pm.
This year there will be no Father Christmas. There will be a Donation Bucket on the door. Action Merle

An advertisement for the Christmas market will be added on Facebook and in the Downend Voice .
Action Eileen/Emma

Coffee mornings to restart in October. Action Christine Broadway

9. Fire & Safety

10. Website Update.
Up and running. Action Bruce

11. AOB
The date of the next AGM Friday 19th November 2021 at 2 pm -4pm. Tea and refreshments will be provided.

A reminder to all club leaders that membership forms MUST be signed by the person applying for membership and please do not forget to sign and tick the gift aid box. DFHA is losing money without this.

The CCTV cameras have now been installed on the three poles here in Downend and currently work is being carried out for the fibre optic cabling, which will connect us to the line that runs into Bristol, where they will be monitored.
On Saturday 25th September and Saturday 9th October, Page Park calendars for 2022, will be on sale in Page Park, from 11am - 2pm, £5 each. The photos for each month are really lovely, with one page explaining a little history about the park...
Page Park Platinum Jubilee, keep June 4th 2022 free. More information nearer the date.

Again our proposed extension plans have been blocked.
A suggestion has been raised that we have a new backdoor for Rockland Road side, with a bell to reception to call for assistance.
A call to the architect about a new door will take place. Action Eileen

12. Date and time of next Meeting
Monday 4th October 2021 at 9.15 am