10th January 2022

Management Meeting Minutes
Monday 10th January 2022

Mrs E Bendrey, -Chairman, Mrs M Hosking, Mrs C Bilella, Mrs Z Tanner, Mr A Clements,
Mr B Gibbs, Mrs J Bishop, Mr M Brown, Cllr J Biggin , Mrs J Kennett, Mrs K Morris.

1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the Management Meeting held Monday 6th December 2021
The meeting agreed the Minutes to be a true representation and the Chairman signed the supplied copy.

3. Matters arising from the Management Meeting
Property & Management
The cracks in the Jubilee Hall due to age of building. Ongoing Zoe
New pieces of flooring to repair Jubilee floor have been chosen but will not be available until January.
Ongoing Zoe

4. Correspondence
Thank you from all Volunteers for Christmas gift from Management Committee.

5.Property & Management
The cleaning of our building (Mrs Bucket) has improved. Monthly communication is the way to go.
Action Zoe
A sub committee of Management Committee Members will be reinstated. Action Eileen

Our new part time office staff are settling in well, thank you Jane and Derek.
The January Barn News edition is now out. Action Zoe

7. Financial Report
Current Financial Situation :
Deposit (interest paid 1st April) £100,142
Current Account £ 31,122
Total £131,264.
Significant Expenditure - > £500
Apart from salaries, utilities and cleaning, there has been no significant expenditure in December Mel to Update monthly
JTS Stopping Support
James (Stephens), who has been supporting the Barn in a “handyman” capacity for many years is ceasing running his own business. We thank him for his attention and service over the years. Management Committee are looking to fill this vacancy. Action Management Committee.

HSBC (banking charges)
Mel has written to HSBC asking if there is a way we can receive free banking – potentially by guaranteeing a large minimum current account. As mentioned before, there are other banks Barclays, Natwest who will give charities free banking as long as the throughput is less than £100,000, but from the point of visiting the branches to pay in cheques and cash they are not as convenient. (Our bank charges are about £600 per year)
Mel to Update
Potential for a Bar at Lincombe Barn
Following last month’s meeting Mel wrote to SGC (our landlords) and asked if they would have any issues with us installing a bar. Mel has received a reply.
The user clause within your lease is for a ‘community centre’, so we would have to establish if this was not going to be a commercially operating pub. If you could provide me with some further information that would be much appreciated.:
So it would appear “members only”, although “members” could be quite wide
Management Committee has declined this idea.

Mobile Phone Improvement (County Court Claim for £2,000)
On 12th December a letter was sent to Dominic Raab asking if he could expedite some closure on this case.
Whether allied to the above letter or not, a reply has been received from the Court concerning one of the defendants: “ have entered premises – current occupiers do not recognize the individual on the warrant – warrant closed”
There is one other warrant outstanding on the other company involved.
Mel to update

Gas/Electric Costs
Reviewing the first term’s finances has raised an issue with our electricity usage. During 2021, each month our electricity usage rose (in spite of being shut down by Covid), and the last month’s figures for November 2021 indicate that we are using about 2.5kW every minute of the month. It might be useful if someone would be prepared to look into our electrical usage to see if we can reduce it. Julia will investigate.

8. Social & Fund Raising
December speaker morning interesting but poorly attended.
February 3rd Next speaker/coffee morning, Downend in Bloom. Please come along.
Action Christine Broadway
Cleeve Singers Christmas Concert very poorly attended. Next concert booked for April. Action Merle

9. Fire & Safety
Ongoing Health and Safety policy update, Risk assessment and building inspection. Action Andrew

10. Website Update
Website license renewed for 3 years. Action Bruce

11. AOB
The CCTV is now up and running in Downend.
Downend and Bromley Heath District Council have received many compliments about the Christmas Lighting in Downend and hope to look at more activities for this year, when the lights go on...
Perhaps best dressed shop window………….
The lights that are over the walkway between Downend village and the Coop supermarket entrance will stay up and on with a timer.
There is a vacancy on the Downend and Bromley Heath District Council. Information Janet Biggin

12. Marketing presentation by Kathy Morris.
The Management Committee are surveying friends and neighbours for a new modern name for DFHA.
Any name changes will be ratified by the members at the next AGM.
Members of DFHA to speak to family, and acquaintances to try and gather more interest in our Community Association.

13. Date and time of next Meeting
Monday 7th February 2022 9.15 am