9th May 2022

Monday 9th May 2022
Mrs E Bendrey, -Chairman, Mrs M Hosking, Mrs C Bilella, Mrs Z Tanner, Mrs J Bishop, Cllr J Biggin, Mrs J Kennett. Mrs M Gunnion , Mr P Smithson.
Mr M Brown, Mr A Clements, Mr B Gibbs

2.Minutes of the Management Meeting held Monday 4th April 202
The meeting agreed the Minutes to be a true representation and the Chairman signed the supplied copy.

Property & Management
There seems to be a need to replace the Fire doors in Concorde, Page, The door by the maintenance room, and the back door. MC has decided that we will start with areas under the windows, in Jubilee, Concorde and the kitchen. Then move to the doors. Action Management Committee


Peter Smithson attended the Management Committee meeting this morning to explain where, in his view, the building was experiencing the greatest heat loss.
A.M. BUILDING will be approached for quotes to line with heat retaining plaster boards on areas under the windows in Jubilee, Concorde and the kitchen. Action Julia
Attached sheet on notice boards x 2 inside the Barn. Action Management Committee
A.M.BUILDING will attend to the water leak from cracked /broken tiles? Clear the surrounding roof tiles and gullies of moss and vegetation on the roof of Jubilee Hall ahead of the Hall being painted in August. While he is up on the roof Aaron will do a roof survey of all the areas. Action Julia

Cllr Janet Biggin is no longer our SGC representative as she is no longer on the SGC . Janet is now a Downend and Bromley Heath Parish councillor. The Management Committee has invited her to join DFHA Management Committee as a serving member, until the AGM in October where Janet may be voted onto the MC in the general vote.
Our new SGC representative is James Griffiths, but he is unable to attend our meetings as he works M-F 9-5.
Liz Brennan will take his place at our monthly meetings, but cannot make the meeting on May 6th 2022.
We have a new member of the Office staff Mr Martin Bailey. Welcome. Martin will be on a 6 month trial.
Zoe would like to be informed of holiday dates of MC members who are on the callout register so she can amend the list. Action Zoe

Current Financial Situation (End April) :
Deposit £100,742 (interest paid 1st April) -
Current Account £39,754
Total £140,496
Deposit interest of £600 for the last year.
(£1,200 income from Outings, but this will be spent in future months on transport/entrance fees etc)
Significant Expenditure - > £500
Apart from salaries, utilities and cleaning, there has not been any expenditure greater than £500 this month. Mel to Update monthly
Maintenance Procedure.
Following the decision at the last Management meeting, discussions and agreement have been reached with AM Buildings, with Julia being the prime point of contact. Closing Note

Change/Additional Name for DFHA
Charity Commission have confirmed an AGM is the way to change a charity name. Closing Note

South Glos. Council Requests (Updates)
(There are only two outstanding – Cherry Tree and Fence along Rockland Road

a) Car Park Wall – Work complete  
b) Dangerous/Compromised Cheery Tree - first message 9th November 2021 - latest reply 2nd Feb 2022 - "will be attended to soon" (Simon Penfold) – Simon Penfold is our tree officer, I cannot comment further than he has on this matter.(Outstanding action on SGC) 
c) What is permissible under conservation policy as regards double glazing the windows on the Barn Facia Comprehensive reply from the conservation team received, and copied to the chairman and secretary on 1st April, with a request to copy to Julia.
Answer :  No action need currently, I believe a response has been sent to you.
d)  Can Cllr Biggin (D&BHPC) be the SGC representative on Management Committee, or should SGC nominate an individual - . South Glos do not regard Cllr Biggin as their rep, and they have nominated James Griffiths (4th April)
Answer: Cllr Janet Biggin is now a member of DFHA and has joined the Management Committee as such.
Also Liz Brennan is our new SGC representative. Action Eileen.
e) Review of fence along Rockland Road -  I made you aware that a ticket had been lodged and when an officer is available, this will be actioned (Outstanding action on SGC).
f) Is it permitted to ask SGC representative on Management Committee to pursue questions/queries - today's question. Reply states that anyone can approach SGC for answers to questions.(1st April) Agreed by Management Committee that SGC representative should be approached as working at SGC should give a greater knowledge of exact departments/ and leaders. Action Mel

8. Social & Fund Raising
Speaker mornings please read the S&FR notice board.
Wednesday 15th June Sudeley Castle £33
Wednesday 6th July Boat trip with cream tea. Action Merle
We are in need of new people to Join the S&FR team. Please contact the Office if you could help. Action Merle
The Choir has approached the MC to ask if there is any chance that their Concert on Saturday 25th June
could be held outside (weather permitting). MC has declined

There has been an accident by the front door step, and MC have suggested that until new tarmac is laid, to raise the path level to match the step, we use tape on the floor to draw members’ attention to the uneven nature of the path. Andrew is writing a report re the above accident which will be discussed at the next Executive meeting. Action Maintenance team/ Andrew/Zoe
Weekly Fire checks all done. Action Zoe

Up and Running. Action Bruce /Louise

11. AOB
NSG are no longer a working business. Having telephoned many companies we cannot find one that will respond to a locked in / release me with payment call. MC propose a sign that states.
ANSWERPHONE NOT MANNED 24/7 01179562367 Action Christine

Parish Annual Assembly went very well with 42 attendees.
Downend Voice has a whole page where Cllr. Ben Burton expands on information regarding the new sports pavilion in KGV park.
Platinum Jubilee in Page Park, Saturday 4th June – so much to see and do: Avon Wildlife Trust, The Woodland Trust, along with Bristol Bees, their bee display & pots of local honey. There will be many charity stalls, Empowering Futures selling handmade willow products & more. Frenchay After Burns Club, Arts, crafts & activities for children. There will be crafts in the Nest, Cleve Rugby Football Club giving demonstrations, workshops etc. for people, especially children to have a small taste of what rugby can offer. Page Park Pre-school will be taking part in Forest School & other fundraising activities, The You Foundations Skateboarding sessions, plus Bristol O Gauge Group will be there with their model railway display. Music to suit all tastes. Albert Rogers & family will be bringing a variety of children’s rides, entertainment & a candy floss stall – so lots happening on the day… Two weeks ago D&BHPC heard that the plans have been passed by SGC for the new pavilion in Page Park. Tony, who operates the ice cream van in Page Park, has paid to have his van converted to electric, with SGC financing the charging post. Information Cllr Janet Biggin

Monday 13th June 2022 9.15 am